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There are two new roleplays up and running. Namely, The Spark and World of Sylfe: The New Age
Current Active Roleplays

The time of the Dark One has passed, ended by the heroism of Raducan, now renowned as both damnor and savior of this new age. However, there is a new threat looming over Sylfe. The Dark One left his taint on the lifestream, the magical force that connects all living things and blankets the entirety of Sylfe.

The lattice has fallen into the hands of the deranged sorceror Merun Al'Caar, who believes he is a God. Using this absolute power over the inhabitants of Sylfe, he has solidified humanity's dominance over the races of the Old Age. Under the misguidance of his "Triune Church," mankind and a few converts from elder races are converting the lands into what they see as "paradise" while paving the way for Merun's transcension of his human body.

In the sky, the Grim Moon looms over the lands, a sign of the Convergence, a sign of the coming end of times. Just what role the denizens of Sylfe will play in this coming end is yet unclear.
In the ravaged world of Ehvin, an ancient malevolence is once again stirring. The Maelstrom, an unnatural storm born from warring energies left behind by Ehvin's cataclysmic past is beginning to make itself manifest again. In the shadow of Ehvin's rifts, the Epimandu, vile creatures with even viler intentions are beginning to rouse from their sleep.

The Reven are growing restless and they are putting out the call for even more Spark bearers, creatures born with a natural affinity for magic. The Reven are beings of great power, but this power came at a price, they could not leave the rifts unless they found their bonded partners who can only be individuals carrying sparks. These Reven are the polar opposite of the Epimandu, they are as much a cause for the Maelstrom as they are a solution for it.

The Grim Moon also casts its shadow over Ehvin and the Convergence is doing nothing to aid in the quelling of the unnatural tempest. The tides are changing and chaos is on the horizon.
Ëthan was once a land of divine beauty, where the cycle of nature was gracefully long, and each season could take more than two decades. Ruled by the Ayalla, special beings chosen among the mortals, the harmony of this seasons lasted through millenia, and could run forever... if it wasn't the sin of selfishness. The fear of death, the eminence of oblivion, can be too much, even for the divine entities. This is the dark point, when even the best intentions, dreams and feelings, can be corrupted. Even the power of love...

After centuries under the power of an endless Winter, mortals are reuniting to fight back the tyranny; a strugle between eternity and mortality. Could they cultivate generosity enough to fight the egotism, or are they just trying to fulfill their own desire? Who is the new avatar of order...or chaos?

This is a roleplay by Kyrion. Visit the OOC at: Ëthan: The Ayalla War

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 [Plains of Fate] Francheza

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PostSubject: [Plains of Fate] Francheza   Mon Apr 25, 2011 9:29 am

Name: Francheza

Age: 72

Height: 4'5"

Length: 8 ft

Bio: Francheza was the second born in her family, and her mother left just a little after that, for unknown reasons. Very quickly her gentle nature made itself evident, and she became the object of love in the family. Protected by her much older brother, she grew up very intelligent and sensitive, with strong magic, and an easy learner. She mastered protective and assistance magics, and more than once could use her power to purify poison. Her unusual collors are not hidden, like in her brother's case, and she shows her markings pretty proud.
The origin of such docility comes from her true origin: she was an angel, the personification of the Virtue Kindness, sent to the world in a mission yet unclear, even to her. Once incarnated, she can't recall the events prior to her birth, but still have the feeling that she is different from the others, and has something to accomplish in life. She is also deeply bonded to her brother Are'Zel, and suspects that he has a different origin on his own, specially considering his unusual split behavior. His kind side, Kerwel, emerged from the love they share to each other.

Personality: Kind and docile, patient and sometimes naive, but can surprise with her strong resilience and determination. Far from agressive, she will fight only to protect someone. When in deep contact with her angelic nature, she emanates peace and understanding. She also likes to use her magic to cheer up someone.

Love Interest: none yet, but she had many boys around her...

Physical Characteristics: A slightly tall female, very delicate in her forms, with a longer fur than the usual Bright Scales. Her eyes are very kind, and she smiles often. With long alerons but small leaf-shaped klimnu and long tail. She's still too young to have a formed horn, but her gem is already evident in her head. While in elf form, she keeps good height, long brown hair with silver streaks and freckles in the face.

Color: Mostly dark brown like the autumn leaves, the collor of her grandmother, and the silver of her mother in her hair/mane, and in a diamond shaped mark over all her chest. Her eyes are hazel, and the gem over her head is silvery white.

Markings: The diamond shaped silver mark in her chest, and slight darker brown stripes over her flanks and legs.

Wings: She has no wings yet, but it could change accordingly with the power of her angelic origin.
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[Plains of Fate] Francheza
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