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There are two new roleplays up and running. Namely, The Spark and World of Sylfe: The New Age
Current Active Roleplays

The time of the Dark One has passed, ended by the heroism of Raducan, now renowned as both damnor and savior of this new age. However, there is a new threat looming over Sylfe. The Dark One left his taint on the lifestream, the magical force that connects all living things and blankets the entirety of Sylfe.

The lattice has fallen into the hands of the deranged sorceror Merun Al'Caar, who believes he is a God. Using this absolute power over the inhabitants of Sylfe, he has solidified humanity's dominance over the races of the Old Age. Under the misguidance of his "Triune Church," mankind and a few converts from elder races are converting the lands into what they see as "paradise" while paving the way for Merun's transcension of his human body.

In the sky, the Grim Moon looms over the lands, a sign of the Convergence, a sign of the coming end of times. Just what role the denizens of Sylfe will play in this coming end is yet unclear.
In the ravaged world of Ehvin, an ancient malevolence is once again stirring. The Maelstrom, an unnatural storm born from warring energies left behind by Ehvin's cataclysmic past is beginning to make itself manifest again. In the shadow of Ehvin's rifts, the Epimandu, vile creatures with even viler intentions are beginning to rouse from their sleep.

The Reven are growing restless and they are putting out the call for even more Spark bearers, creatures born with a natural affinity for magic. The Reven are beings of great power, but this power came at a price, they could not leave the rifts unless they found their bonded partners who can only be individuals carrying sparks. These Reven are the polar opposite of the Epimandu, they are as much a cause for the Maelstrom as they are a solution for it.

The Grim Moon also casts its shadow over Ehvin and the Convergence is doing nothing to aid in the quelling of the unnatural tempest. The tides are changing and chaos is on the horizon.
Ëthan was once a land of divine beauty, where the cycle of nature was gracefully long, and each season could take more than two decades. Ruled by the Ayalla, special beings chosen among the mortals, the harmony of this seasons lasted through millenia, and could run forever... if it wasn't the sin of selfishness. The fear of death, the eminence of oblivion, can be too much, even for the divine entities. This is the dark point, when even the best intentions, dreams and feelings, can be corrupted. Even the power of love...

After centuries under the power of an endless Winter, mortals are reuniting to fight back the tyranny; a strugle between eternity and mortality. Could they cultivate generosity enough to fight the egotism, or are they just trying to fulfill their own desire? Who is the new avatar of order...or chaos?

This is a roleplay by Kyrion. Visit the OOC at: Ëthan: The Ayalla War

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 [WoS: New Age] Syagrus

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One Who Walked the Planes
One Who Walked the Planes

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PostSubject: [WoS: New Age] Syagrus   Sat Apr 02, 2011 11:07 pm

Name: Syagrus

Age: 126

Species: Ceree

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Length: 9 feet

Bios: Syagrus was once a member of the Sacred Wings tribe, a tribe of excellent magic wielders. In face, he was related to its chieftain, Seraph, by blood. After the Dark One's defeat however, also came Seraph's death. The wave of energy that escaped destroyed most of his tribe leaving only a handful of survivors. They all went into hiding like before. While in hiding, Syagrus developed his magic skills and fighting skills. Though through that training gave him a desire to mercilessly kill people. His desire to kill emerged when he was attacked by beasts when he came out one time. He had no choice but to fight. The pleasure to kill made him happy. When the ceree reemerged, his hunger for killing reemerged and started hunting for prey.

Personality: Most ceree would be considered kind and gentle, but Syagrus is the complete opposite of that. Syagrus has an overwhelming killing intent, having a murderous personality, yet having a sense of justice, not killing anyone who he thinks have done no wrong. He was once a kind ceree, but the aftereffects of the Dark One's defeat changed that.

Physical Characteristics:

Color: His fur is a dark shade of gray with flecks of pale blue, signifying that he was once a Sacred Wings tribe member. His eyes are pure black. Though when his desire to kill fades, he returns to his orginal colors: pale blue fur and brilliant blue eyes.

Markings: He has a dark blue markings across his body, remnants of his original markings as a Sacred Wings tribe member.

Wings: Like his relative Seraph, he has the ability to grow wings made from magic. His wings are color gray with pale blue spots. These wings appear whenever he takes flight and disappear whenever he lands. These wings took an exceptionally long time to craft as he is not as skilled at magic as Seraph.

Human form:

His human form consists of a man with honey colored skin, dark gray eyes and his markings still evident on his skin. He also has a set of dual blades with extendable chains and the ability to create a shroud when infused with magic. Legend says that these were once the blades of Seraph reforged and a new material was added to the metal to make it more suitable to Syagrus.

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Malkuthe Highwind

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PostSubject: Re: [WoS: New Age] Syagrus   Sun Apr 03, 2011 10:22 am

Can we not base the human form off the main protagonist of a renowned franchise? We might run into problems with that.
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[WoS: New Age] Syagrus
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